30 September 2008

Tye DIE!

Yes, I do realize that the title is spelled wrong.  Back off.  

So at family home evening yesterday, my group did some tie-dying!  

We felt it appropriate to do some gardening with our new tie-dyed shirts!

It was a very good time.

Frolicking is what Austin does best.

These pictures are a little out of order, but as has been said by many a person, blogspot and pictures are not very compatible, no matter what the man tells you.

Overall, it has been a grand day.  

We will be starting a tie-dying club soon.  We will have at least (most) one night of tie-dying.  

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29 September 2008


If you will permit, I'd like to take a minute of your time and talk about something marvelous.  I went to one of my favorite places in the world yesterday, Beto's.  I guess it's now called Rancheritos, and has been for, I'd say, about a year.  But this change is in name only, and will forever be Beto's in my heart.  It's one of my favorite things ever to do midnight (or later) Beto's runs (MBR).  Last night was one of these, and oh my was it a great time.

I ordered a breakfast burrito (carne asada y huevo to be exact), something that I haven't had for a few visits.  Lately I've been getting the Texano burrito, which consists of an entire chicken chopped up, potatoes, cheese, peppers (I think those red things are red peppers...I could be wrong), and sour cream.  It's a pretty good burrito, and as with all burritos from Beto's, it's the size of your face.  Another recent menu item I've ordered is what can only be described as 3 rolled tacos, or in Spanish, taquitos!  These are pretty good as well.  They're bigger and crunchier than the frozen ones you buy at Smith's, they are soaking in grease and covered in shredded cheddar cheese, which of course adds to the grease content.  And then there's the horchata.  I would say it's the best in Logan, but I've never had it from any other restaurant here so I can't make that comparison.  

Not last night, but about a week and a half ago, the last time I made an MBR, I got a Texano burrito, 3 rolled tacos with grease, and a gigantic horchata.  In the Frizz's words, it was equivalent to eating 2 small children.  It was a lot of food, sue me.  But it was ever so satisfying.  

Last night, however, I only had the breakfast burrito (above) and a gigantic horchata.  When I went to order, the guy taking my order must have recognized me, so he said, "Que quieres?" which roughly translates to, "What do you want, you big jerk?" It feels good to know that I frequent the place so...frequently...that they know I speak Spanish.  This is what other people ate: Braden had a breakfast burrito (the bacon and egg variety), Seth got some weird taco thing, Sara Shirley ate a bean and cheese burrito, and Trevor and Shane ate nothing.  We just sat and chilled while eating liquid-fat-soaked food.  Probably one of the coolest things I've done lately.  This may just have to be a weekly tradition.  Anyone interested?  

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26 September 2008

Peanut M&M's and DDP Are the Best!

My Business Card (Front)

My Business Card (Back, contact info blurred)

About a year ago, I was asked by a couple of really good friends if I would play the piano at their wedding.  I was honored that they would ask me to be such a big part in what may be the most important day of their lives up to that point.  So that's how it started.  That is the story, albeit short, of how I became I wedding singer.  I say singer, not because I have a mullet, not because I love Styx or the Cure, but because today I took a large leap for my little piano playing business.  

I booked a wedding gig about two months ago upon receiving a phone call from an old friend.  I hadn't talked to her in a while, probably due to her moving away from Logan and out of my life.  See, she cut my hair.  She was a hair stylist.  Cutting and styling hair was her trade.  Her name is Jen the Hair Stylist.  To make a long story short (too late!), she had just become brain dead (my bishopric's term for being "engaged") and recalled me playing a song for her years ago, which song is the Luckiest by Ben Folds, who is coming out with a new album real soon, or maybe he just did.  She called me to ask if I would sing it at her wedding for the bride and groom's first dance.  I told her, "Toots!  This is your lucky day.  I play the piano for weddings!" So she asked me to play her wedding, to which I obliged gratefully.  So tonight was the wedding, and apart from having a completely clogged right ear, meaning I wasn't able to hear out of it during the entire reception, I had a great time.  Thus I have now become a wedding singer.  

I don't want to do too much advertising on this blog, so I plan on designing a new website, most likely a blog, that will be entitled Jason Bell's Wedding Singer Blog, or maybe something a little...sexier.  This new site will have my contact information and may contain a list of songs that I can play and have a place where people can book me (the term "book me" here makes it seem like I will be prostituting myself, so to speak) for their weddings!  This will most likely take some time to complete, but at least I've written it down so it is present somewhere besides the back of my mind.  

Also, as part of this blog, I will include links to photographers that are very good; moreover, their work stands out from what is considered to be normal wedding photography.  Since I don't have this blog created as of right this second (patience, friends), I will make mention of three of photographers for anyone currently looking (hint, hint, GAW).  First of all, Kristin does wonders with a lens.  Her latest blog post contains some great portraits of our friend, Jalene (who not only takes great pictures, meaning she is highly photogenic, she also takes great pictures, meaning she is also a great photographer). One can see from these that she (Kristin) is quite the artist, and comes highly recommended for bridals and engagement pictures.  The third photographer, Seth, has already mentioned previously, and his web page is over there (sidebar) under White Star Photography

For all those looking to get hitched, or for those who know someone who is, and feels the urge to make some recommendations, there ya go!  I hope this post hasn't been too boring for everyone else.  As for me, I'm tired.  It's been a long day!  Peace.  
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22 September 2008

It Is Time

OK guys, here's the scoop.  In light of some recent events (discussed below), I have decided that it's time to get my priorities straight.  In other words, I need to buckle down and focus on school.  As of this moment, there's nothing more important in my life than my education.  I have 2 semesters left of this crap (school) and I want to do the best that I can; not merely skim the surface (i.e. do the minimum possible and still pass) and cheat myself out of learning the tools that I'll be using for the rest of my life.  My new goal: become a boring grad student.

What this entails: sorry friends, I will no longer be around and will probably not have any time left for hanging out.  As much as I enjoy staying up until devilish hours in the night talking, watching movies or TV, making cornbread, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, to be frank, it's killing me.  I'm constantly worn out and can no longer afford to burn the candle from both ends.  Anyone who has seen me lately can attest to this.  My schedule: I like to get up to campus by 8 a.m. (or earlier) every morning.  If I stay up until 2, get ready for bed (with all that entails), and lay there until my mind calms down enough to sleep, it's at least 3 when I fall asleep.  That gives me 4.5 hours of sleep, which is clearly not enough.  On MWF, my first class starts at 9'30, which means I'm waking up just in time to get there (because I have to hit the snooze button a million times) and I'm always, always tempted to sleep through my first class.  Since this is probably the most important class I will take, I can't let it happen.  I really don't want to, and it's going to take a lot of will power, but I'm going to have to become as boring as Micah and stay up on campus all day, every day.  

This past Wednesday, I had homework assignments due in two of my classes.  On Tuesday, I was on campus for 14 straight hours (from 9'30 a.m. -11'30 p.m.) working on, and finishing one of these, with a couple of very short breaks within that time.  Back at home, I started on the other one, and completed it at 2'30 a.m.  I'm not complaining, mind.  My own procrastination, and being in complete ignorance of how long it was going to take, makes it my own fault.  I should have started earlier, worked longer hours, and finished it before I had to stay up until 2'30 the night before it was due to get it done.  If anyone has any ideas on how not to procrastinate, give 'em to me!  I'm desperate.  

So there it is.  But let's be honest here, I can say with 95% confidence that this is never going to happen.  I'll do well for the next week (or day) and then slip back into idle procrastination.  So for all of you that this new goal affects, we'll see you in a week (or tomorrow)!  

On another subject, I just found out that two of my favorite bands (Jack's Mannequin (whose new CD kicks A, btw) and Shiny Toy Guns) are going to be at this year's Big @$$ Show, which I would most certainly like to attend.  The proverbial you (which might not work in this case...) should let me know if you want to go with me!  Peace.
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17 September 2008

I wear bowling pins on my ankles

I was told I looked good today.  I don't mind, really.  It was a little strange coming from a guy though.  In fact, the only compliments I've been getting lately have come from dudes.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

Speaking of dudes, I would like to devote today's post to a good friend of mine, meaning a guy from a movie, Professor Henry Higgins, played by Rex Harrison.  I just recently watched My Fair Lady (see footnote 1 below), which is prolly in my top ten favorite movies of all time, and is in my top 2 favorite musicals, second only to Sweeney Todd starring Johnny Depp.  As a retort to a recent blog post by Jalene, where boys (men) are referenced as lame, I would like to sing a song sung by Higgins, uhh...in text.  Just picture me singing.  No, wait, picture...not me singing... Actually in order for you to not have to picture me singing at all, here he is himself, Rex Harrison, singing "Why Can't a Woman": (see footnote 2 below) (Oh, and I apologize for the subtitles.  Those responsible have been sacked.)

Well said Rex, well said.  Of course, I understand that the movie was a satire, and I in no way condone (not condemn, Col...) his whole rant (I do condone ranting, however :) ).  In fact, I kind of like that women are completely different from men.  It makes life more interesting.  

Now as I said above, see footnotes below.  
  1. I've been really into old dead people lately.  OK, just one.  Audrey Hepburn.  She's just great!  :)
  2. Does the ":" come before or after the " " ?" (uh, this sort of looks funny too...)
Really not the post I was expecting to write, nor is it the post the proverbial you were expecting, but there it was.  Finally.  Peace.

PS The two previous posts, you know, the ones with weird names and nothing in them, were just sort of an experiment and I was coaxed into leaving them there, you know, for $%^'s and giggles!

PPS I'm really jonesing for an episode of Arrested Development right about now...
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Well help how ate you

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14 September 2008

Not Much

I don't have much to say today.  Will write a new post soon.
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07 September 2008


Some of you may remember that Jem is one of my favorite artists, and most likely my favorite female artist.  A few years ago, after her debut release, Finally Woken, she was scheduled to perform at the Venue in SL, UT.  I was uber-disappointed when she cancelled her tour and I didn't get the opportunity to see her.  If you haven't heard her music, you need to check it out.  I've added a couple of my favorites from Finally Woken to my playlist up there for your enjoyment.  

So I just found out that she's releasing a new CD on the 16th of this month!  I couldn't be happier.  Not only is her music soothing and chill, it has inspired me on multiple occasions and has helped me to keep moving forward no matter how much life can suck.  I also added a link to her blog.  I don't know how often she writes, but it's worth a look!  That's all.  Peace!
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04 September 2008

I Need Another Diet Dr. Pepper With Cherry Syrup

I walked into the business building on the first day of class and wanted to vomit.  As I have said, I'm working on my Master's degree in statistics, meaning that I am very much a part of the department of Mathematics and Statistics here at Utah State University.  Unfortunately, our department is not valued enough so we have no actual building where our classes are held.  Math/Stat classes are taught in pretty much every building on campus, from the ESLC to the FAV, and because of this, I have to enter the tallest building in Cache Valley, o sea the business building.  

I don't really understand why the math department isn't valued higher than it is.  Almost every degree here requires at least some math.  It seems to be the most hated subject in America, yet it is the most core and fundamental part of a lot of fields.  So why is it that the college of business gets so much hype from the university when, without math, you have no business degrees.  We're shut away in the shadow of the business building in Lund Hall, and anyone who has entered this bomb shelter can attest to the fact that it's about to fall apart.  
So rumor has it that they are going to build a new building for the college of business.  This is one of the reasons that I wanted to vomit upon entering the current business building.  It has been completely remodeled (and to be honest, it looks terrible--the other reason I wanted to vomit).  I don't understand why they spent a bunch of money to remodel the place when there's going to be a new one constructed.

I could go on with my rant, but it's beginning to feel a little like poor me or I guess poor us would be more appropriate.  I guess I'm just sick of the whole attitude that most people have towards math, yet it is such a core part of so many fields.  I think a lot people just need to be a little more educated (and I'm not excluding myself in this!).

I think I'm going to finish this post with a funny picture.  Tell me this isn't the ugliest face you've ever seen!!!

I'm out!  ;)
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