11 November 2011

Day 8

It's 11/11/11, folks. I could only say that I wish I would have sold iPhone 3 days earlier so I could call this day 11. This temporary technological digression has its perks.

Some of you will have seen the website Wrong Number Texts. I can sit and laugh at it for hours. If you so choose, look it up, but a disclaimer: YOU WILL BE OFFENDED. Don't say I didn't warn you.

On to better things, I have a story for you. Ever since Shanefert showed me the aforementioned website, I have greatly desired to experience a wrong number text myself. Good things come to those who wait. Since I have an archaic phone, there was no easy way to transfer numbers from iCloud to the dinosaur. So I decided not to transfer any numbers. If someone texts or calls, I'll go ahead and save his or her number. Else, well, sorry.

Anydangway, Sarah and I began to Jones for a Starbucks. My roommate Angie works at one here in Ye Olde Towne, and we frequently frequent and receive free drinks. It's pretty much the best thing ever. This was one of those nights in which we received such an drink and thus our Jones was satisfied at no cost to us. (Thanks, Angie!) As the story goes, The Bucks got super busy as we were conversing with Ye Olde Angie, so we left without having a chance to say "Thank you!" as we normally would. We are buena gente, mind.

So I text my other roommate Georff (name changed to protect identity) and ask for Angie's number (since I don't have it). Note that this is breaking my rule, but this situation called for the rule breaking to occur. He politely sends the number via text message, which, fortunately, my phone is able to receive. The conversation is thus:

Leon: Hey man! Thank you so much for the drinks. Love you man!
Angie: You’re welcome! Hope u enjoyed ur diet tab
Leon: Haha I could go for a diet tab right now. :)
Angie: Haha oh no im sorry but I don’t know who this is….I thought it was my mom :/
Leon: Is this angie? And your mom likes diet tab?
Angie: Haha no and yes…..I thought everyone did
Leon: I’m a big fan of coke zero myself. But if I think about it, my mom has probably drunk a diet tab or two in her time.
Angie: You’re lucky she stopped at only two…mother has tried to stop or so she says, but she hides it from us. Father has tried to stop her but the energy increase she gets from tab makes it impossible to catch her…
Leon: Oh no! That’s terrible! I have seen some tab addicts before, but nothing that extreme. It may sound harsh, but you should try setting traps. It may be the only way to save her!
Angie: You are wise indeed my friend but mother knew we would try this and tried we have, but no she had prepared by watching countless re-runs of Miami vice and is always one step ahead….

Ha. Well it happened, and that's thanks to letting go of technology for a couple of weeks and using the ol' clamshell. Thanks, clamshell. If "Angie" ever texts back, I will add an addendum here. It's also important to note that the number I texted was exactly the number Georff sent me, which means that he either has the wrong number for Angie or decided to play a trick on me. I say it's the latter.

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09 November 2011

Day 6

I gave a blanket one-finger salute as I exited the belt route this morning. I blame it on The Samsung since I couldn't tweet about how horrible the traffic was and I couldn't update my facebook status to say, "That guy next to me is such a jerk. Look at him singing to his music and staying calm in this horrible traffic. I bet GAW would throw something at him."

The other wrong today is the discovery (that actually happened yesterday) that the local 7-Eleven no longer serves #CokeZero on tap. I have nothing to cease the twitches that are now inevitably prevalent.

There were three things yesterday that I wanted to take snap a picture of. Guess what? No camera.

The Samsung has, however, offered me the ability to pay more attention to conversations I'm a part of with coworkers and friends. Even if the topic goes to politics or sports, I have no Twitter or Hanging with Friends to save me. This forces me to actually participate (i.e. daydream) in the conversations. In other words, I don't know how much more of this I can stand. Stay tuned.

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04 November 2011

Day 1

I decided I no longer want to be the owner of an iPhone. The convenience. The comfort. The ability it has given me to sleep through alarms consistently. And don't get me started on productivity productivity productivity productivity.

So I picked up (borrowed from Sarah's mom) a Samsung SGH-A117. It's a wonderful little clam shell phone. For those of you don't remember what that is, think small flip phone with rounded edges. For those of you who don't remember what a flip phone is, get lost, take a hike, etc. It features, well, nothing really. An alarm clock (which I slept through), a calculator, speed dial (though you can't assign a contact to a speed dial), and a world clock. You can text with t9, so it's back to writing sentences such as, "Hey do you want to in to the mother with of i hear its really home." (typos/grammar errors on purpose)

Day 1 thoughts: I'm doing fine. In the short few hours that I've been awake, I've begun to develop a slight twitch, though the Coke Zero seems to suppress that for now. Stay tuned!

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