31 July 2008

Musica Mas Bonita que la Tuya!

I felt the need to play some nice, peaceful music for your enjoyment as you're sitting here reading my blog. I have this automatically start, and there are a few nice songs that will play in a pseudo random1 order. I'm dying to know what other peeps think of Goldfrapp, and Daft Punk2 simply rocks. If you are dying because of the music, simply scroll down and press pause. If you hate it that much, let me know and I'll take it off autoplay. If you would like me to add to the playlist, let me know that as well.

  1. Examples of truly random events are a coin flip, unless the person flipping has attained a greater brilliance than I, and is therefore able to control the flip; drawing names out of a hat; drawing a ball out of an urn; etc. One can change the probabilities of these events by having a weighted coin or ball. You may think it preposterous to say that a music player, such as iTunes, on shuffle does not play songs at a random order. My answer: even a computer needs a starting spot, and that starting spot or seed is, in fact, not random. It could be the date, time, a letter of the alphabet. I hope you enjoyed this useless bit of information as much as I enjoyed typing it!!!
  2. I am having fun linking words to pages that are related. Back off!
Update 8/14/08
Took it off autostart. Hated it. Also, it's at the top now, not the bottom.
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30 July 2008

IHOP VS Gertie's

The other day, and what a good day it was, I went to my once favorite restaurant in the entire world: the International House of Pancakes. I was with my aunts (pronounced "aunt" not "ant"), my uncle Gordon, and a few cousins. Because we were driving to Twin Falls, ID (where I now call home) and wanted to get there early[ish] we arrived at IHOP around 7:14:39 a.m. where we were greeted with a smile, and other than us, a completely barren restaurant. I thought to myself, I said, "Self, it's going to be a good day. No one here means quick service." I thought wrong. I'll say this: if you don't have a brain, don't be a waitress. I mean, she was nice enough, but I knew we were in trouble when it took her 20 minutes to get our drinks (probably because of all the other tables she was waiting on), and she brought Gordon a glass of salsa thinking it was tomato juice (this is not a joke: his "tomato juice" had big chunks in it, it was spicy, and...yeah, it was salsa). She finally came out and took our orders. It was about 8:15 when we got our food and started eating. I know that this was not her fault, but it really annoyed us that we got there early so that we could get to Twin Falls, but our purpose was completely negated by such shoddy service (and hence the "once" in the first sentence).

The next part of my day was much better. Mike and I went to a restaurant in Twin called Gertie's Brick Oven Cookery. If you're wondering who this Mike fellow is, I don't really care. Suffice it to say that he enjoys lounging back, sucking down a Diet Coke with Lime, watching Family Guy on Blu-Ray, and is dating my sister. Back to Gertie's, this is a restaurant that is, well, there's really no other word except amazing! They have sandwiches, pasta, etc. but Gertie's is really famous for their all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. Picture this: you're sitting at Rodizio Grill, where they bring around different types of meat, and you sit there until you are utterly useless from gorging for 3 hours on meat. Now that you have that idea in you're head, change the meat to at least 30 kinds of pizza, and change Rodizio Grill to Gertie's Brick Oven Cookery. I can think of nothing better, except maybe if they had a Microsoft Surface as your table (suck it, Microsoft!). We sat there for 2 hours talking about very deep subject matter [The Dark Knight] drinking diet sodas and eating pizza.

Personally, I had 11 [distinct] pieces, not to mention the sick BBQ chicken of which I only ate half. I think my favorite part of the experience was when they offered us plain ol' pepperoni, and Mike said to the waitress, "Look Sugar, you wouldn't go to Baskin Robbins to get vanilla ice cream. Why would I come to Gertie's and eat pepperoni?".....OK, maybe he didn't say that, but I know he was thinking it. Anydangway, after stuffing my face for 2 hours, I was full (at last!). I'm not sure why, but it might have something do with stuffing my face for 2 hours.

Later that day (3 hours later), it was time to eat again. This time we went to my brother's new house (where he now calls home), where 50 people (all related in one form or another) were, again, stuffing their faces for 2 hours. We had rice, beans, tacos (carne asada or pollo), watered-down-home-made rootbeer, and diet sodas. I only had room for 4 tacos; my aunt had 5. This goes to show that Gertie's Brick Oven Cookery has the capacity to fill you up, and it will last for at least 3 hours.

After eating for another 2 hours, and being stuffed (not in the Australian way, mind) twice, it was time to go to the Twin Falls temple open house.

This was a really great experience. I walked around with my niece, Jaycie, and she was so reverent. The Spirit was very strong, and I'm sure she felt it and knew that she had to be reverent in such a special, holy place. Afterwards they led us back into the Stake Center where there were refreshments. Alas! It's about time I got to eat again. I did, but only a cookie...

This is Amber and Mike

Well that about wraps up my Idaho trip, which I'm sure you wanted to read about. Had you known what this post was about, you never would have read it, I'm certain of it. However, if you paid attention, you will have learned some new things about me:

1) My mom and brother's family now live in Twin Falls, ID.
b) I like to eat food. Food is good. Really good. Especially really good food!
iii) I hate Microsoft.
4) I love Homestar Runner
E) I know how to ramble on about, well, nothing.
VI) I like taking pictures! :)

Have a nice day.
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