30 October 2008

Stick Figures

There are some things that people just don't know or understand.  For example, most people don't realize how versatile stick figure people can be!  I've seen them have dance parties, eat egg rolls, dive into water, fight dragons, ward off zombies, and even hold the world on their shoulders.  Unfortunately, stick figure people can get pretty violent at times.  I figure they have a hard time denying the natural man, since there really isn't much to them, let alone space enough to stuff a soul in there.  I guess you could say that they just go by instinct, like wild boars.  To better understand this phenomenon, I will say this:  I have a friend who likes to draw stick figures.  His stick figures have the tendency to say the F-word...uhh, not behavior that I condone from my friend, but you can't really control stick figure people.  As I said before, they do what they want.  My stick figure people have never cursed, fortunately, but they do some pretty crazy things.  This is something that really peaked my interest, and I believe that further study is of vital importance if we as humans are ever going to get to the bottom of this. 

I'm sure you scrolled down already and peeked at some of my drawings, so in case you haven't guessed, today is art day!!!  I have one thing to say to you impatient people:

You ruined the surprise!  Just so you know, my friend Seth works at a pharmaceutical company, and they have have a cough syrup named the above drawing.  And I'm truly and truthfully...lying.  Onto the art!

This guy didn't follow the directions on the tree.  Idiot.  I don't even feel bad.

One of my better Trogdors.  I think there's an even better one below.

As you may or may not know, I don't like Windows.  This blog was written on a MacBook and I will forever be a Mac-guy.  DIE WINDOWS!

I guess this guy is testing a cannon.  Probably some sort of military training.

I hope he doesn't move!

I think this guy pissed off the wrong crowd.  He most likely betrayed a member of the mob.

Even Rambo doesn't like math.  There's something wrong with this country, besides the presidential campaign 2008 and Obama.

This is what happens when you get 5 angry stick figure people in the same room, each with their own weapons.  Maybe the United Nations?

Link (above and below) holding the triforce and killing a Poe (respectively).

Here's a good recipe: a Molotov cocktail and a few zombies.

I like drawing Skull and Cross Bones.  No idea why.  It just looks neat.

Here's the dance party of the century!

This guy's eating an egg roll.  As if you couldn't tell, right?  What gave it away?

Not that she'll ever read my blog (ABBIE!) but mack time has been cancelled indefinitely.

I think this is my best Trogdor I've ever drawn...in class.

Don't worry.  Clint Eastwood shot him down before he actually fell.

This is the worst Trogdor I've ever drawn.

He should have been more head-strong.
He'll never be the head of a major corporation.
Not a good way to get ahead in life.

Life feels like this sometimes.

You'd be scared too.

This is just so you don't think I'm too demented.

This guy is tugging a theorem along.  I don't think it's a very useful theorem, so he can HAVE it!

This is actually a self portrait.  Me.  Taking my 72-hour exam.  I get the results tomorrow (Friday).  And yes, I'm frightened.  That's a picture of my mom on the desk, by the way.

This guy is breaking the word of wisdom.

The flying crane as it would have been if the Karate Kid was rated R.


Life feels like this sometimes.

I thought it would be fun to make a stick figure people version of the good book.  I have another drawing somewhere but it's lost right now.  I'll work on this...

So there it is folks:  Macs are better, and this proves it!  Everybody vote!


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Coming Soon...

I'm still here...not that anyone cares, really....
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21 October 2008

List It

I've seen some people do this, like Sarah, and hers was actually entitled list it.  So here's a list of some seemingly random things that I've been thinking lately. 

  • It's sure good to have you back in Logan, Jal!  PS you still need to show me that picture! PSS you are awesome!!!
  • I saw a good friend yesterday for the first time in months.  We went on a scooter ride, which was cold, but it was sure great to see her.
  • I found out about a good sale on a Canon all in one printer scanner deal.  29 bucks.  Sounds like someone's getting a new scanner!  
  • Given that I get a new scanner, I'd like to post some of the pictures that I've drawn in class this semester.  Not for the faint-hearted! (It turns out you can make some pretty violent stick figures...)
  • The Shrivner texted me the phrase "It's hellin two a.m.!"  It woke me up, and without thinking, I texted back "You're hot!" I guess the truth comes out when you're half asleep!
  • Papa Kelsey's has a pretty tasty turkey BLT on wheat.  If you don't believe me, go there.  Enjoy.
  • Kendall, write a new post already!  The suspense is killing me. (Nurse: How bad does it hurt? Brian: It's killing me.  I don't know if you remember that part of the conversation...)
  • I'm growing a beard.  A big beard.  I'm determined to make it to at least Thanksgiving, when I go to Denver and freak my family out by how big my beard is.  I'll need some support.  Who's with me?
  • I think I have a DDP problem.  At least I won't get diabetes since I drink diet...though it is most likely increasing the risk of me getting cancer....
  • I hope my friend Jaren is doing OK.  If you ever read this, you're always on my mind, and all of your friends' for that matter.  We love ya!
  • Kristin, I talked to my roommates and we would very much like it if you did portraits.  Please?  
  • Garrett, I'm really happy for you man!  
  • I am planning on buying tickets and going to Of Montreal.  I know these guys are slightly insane, but they rock and it should be a freakin' awesome show.  
  • I really like my previous post.  I command you to read it!
  • I don't like doing my Stat 6710 homework.  It blows.  Someday I'll be done and it doesn't matter if I procrastinate my homework.  That statement will be completely null because I won't have homework, but instead I will have a job and moola.  :)
  • I like the idea of growing up and having a job and moola.
  • (Slightly discouraged) That is still a thesis and 1.5 semesters away.
Wow, that was surprisingly fun.  Peace.
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20 October 2008

Dot Again I Go Unnoticed Dot

So I'm sitting here (being neither heard nor seen) at Papa Kelsey's listening to Bruce Moulton, and I thought it would be a great time to write a new post.  Some funny things happened to me today.  I think.  Maybe there was only one funny thing, but....no a couple.  This may seem a little like a journal entry--and yes I do write in my journal in this same writing style.  

First thing.  I was supposed to mail a letter a week ago that could be classified as of high importance.  "...while the rest of us are busting our #$%& to deliver your mail....oh I mailed that letter..." It was a check from my ward to Lee's, paying off our balance.  Some outside force seemed to be keeping me from mailing it.  Everyday I looked at the letter sitting on my night stand, anxiously waiting for me to take it to the post office and mail it, and every day I left my apartment without the anxiously waiting envelope.  Today, I remembered it.  I grabbed that letter and could sense the excitement and slight relief coming from the folded piece of paper, sealed at one end with a mixture of adhesive material and saliva.  I reached my office in no time--because I scoot to campus--and decided that I had time to go mail the letter and get a drink before class.  I told Colette the story about the envelope with a surprising amount of human emotions, about the compelling force that was keeping me from mailing the letter, and then proceeded to the Quick Stop (TSC (Taggart Student Center (USU))) without the letter.  I could almost hear it yelling out of disappointment and yearning for attention.  

Wow, uh, yeah.  That was weird. 

Second thing.  I go to the Quick Stop everyday for 44 oz. of freedom, AKA Diet Dr. Pepper with the cherry and lime squirts.  Today it started out like every other day: forgetting the aforementioned, sodding letter, saying hi to Ariel and asking her to fix the DDP due to the syrup running out.  I just lied.  Today was the first time I've had to ask her to fix it, which she did for which I was indeed greatful.  If you ever read this, thanks Ar (pronounced "air")!  Oh yeah, and joder!  After it got fixed, I filled up, noticing a funny smell.  Not taking any notice of smell other than the initial whiff, I left for class, made it just in time, and finished the entire 44 oz in 50 minutes.  Sick, yeah, I got it!  Class was actually really good.  You know when you're at the movie, and [insert favorite beverage] just makes the experience that much better?  Well today's lecture was actually just one single proof.  It took 50 minutes for Jeurgen to go through one single proof!  Needless to say, it was excellent, and hence the finishing of the drink.  

After class, I ran into the Shrivner,  talked to her for a sec, went to my office, and realized that I needed another 44 oz., a corn dog and an egg roll.  (This really isn't part of the second thing, but I laughed for a bit about forgetting the letter (earlier), walked out without it again, but realized before I left the building.  [Said in the best the Frizz voice possible] Mailed it!)  On the way back to the Quick Stop, I open the lid to my 44 oz. mug, inhaled, and the air almost came back out in the form of vomit.  It was bad.  I told Emily (Quick Stop) to smell it and facetiously enjoyed as the air she inhaled almost performed the same transforming magic trick.  It was awesome.  It was also very gross, which point Emily noted and told me--nay, commanded me not to drink out of it ever again.  So I rinsed it out with boiling hot water, doing so in vain.  The smell remained.  Emily took the hellish-odored mug and washed it with hand soap.  Thanks Em (pronounced "em")!  After the thorough washing, it no longer "rinked," but the soda tasted curiously like Softsoap, or a cheaper, brandless brand.  Not a lot of things gross me out, but quite frankly, the knowledge that I drank an entire 44 oz. of the nectar of the gods from a rotten mug makes me ill.  It may be noteworthy to some of you that I finished those 44 oz. (every last drop) and am now currently drinking a 21 oz. Dr. Pepper of the non-diet variety.

Third thing.  During my second round at the Quick Stop, I learned something very funny about one of my friends.  Keep in mind, [you know who you are, or you will] that I mean no offense whatsoever.  I just thought it was speechlessly funny.  I saw a friend during the whole fiasco about rinsing and washing my mug and explained to her how it would total 88 oz. of DDP that day.  She, astonished and somewhat appalled, noted that she couldn't believe it, and that she couldn't do it.  She doesn't like Dr. Pepper.  I urged her to try but she never did.  Then she said, "[My husband] gets caffeine on his birthday!"  I stopped, backed up, gave her a funny look, which kind of looked like a dog that you've confused by putting liquid novocaine in its mouth.  I said, "What?" She repeated her statement.  I said, "You don't let your husband drink caffeine?" Her reply, "Only on his birthday and when he has a headache."  Ha!  I love you guys!  Please don't be mad!!!  I thought it was pretty awesome, and good on him!  Were it me, I'd have a headache every day (or every night for that matter...).  

Kind of wrapping things up thing.  I went to the Dashboard concert last Thursday.  Here is how it went, on a scale of awesomeness:

The Cab less than Plain White T's much much less than Panic! at the Disco significantly less than DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL.

In case you are wondering, the normal "less than" sign doesn't work on this, something to do with the html thinking I'm trying to type in some command.  I don't want to deal with it right now, so I'll leave them as italicized words.  Overall, I had a great night.  My theory about how inconsiderate people are was proven.  People really are A-holes sometimes.  But I couldn't complain.  I enjoyed Dashboard and I enjoyed the company (but who wouldn't enjoy listening to such a rad band with such a rad chick?).  For a more detailed account, see  .this car is my confession. by Kristin.  I'd really love to see them in a smaller venue where they would play their slow, acoustic, cutting-yourself-with-a-razor songs, which are my more favorite songs and the reason I love them!!!  

I think I've bored you enough.  I hope you enjoyed today's episode.  Come back again!  Peace.
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13 October 2008

Magicks and Musicks.

Well, it's been awhile, friends...given that you are my friends...given that anyone actually reads this thing.  I went to the independent music club (of USU) concert this past Saturday, and what an inspiring night.  I will now proceed to discuss said event.

There were three bands.  The first was my favorite.  Just a chick up on stage playing her guitar.  Her name is Libbie Linton, a local of Cache Valley, and a super good musician with mad guitar skills.  I bought her EP and I've been listening to it ever since.  'Member up there when I said the concert was an inspiring event?  Every time I go to a concert, like Bruce Moulton, or the one on Saturday, it gives me extra motivation to go home and practice the guitar even more every day and maybe gives a little inspiration to write a song or two.  Keep in mind, I'm not making any promises.  I'm a sucky lyricist, thus I refrain from lyricizing unless I'm truly inspired.

The second band was terrible.  I don't even remember, nor do I care to recall, their name.  All the guy did was whine and cry about how hard his life is in Lindon, UT.  Boo hoo.  I'd rather get kicked in the face nine times than listen to that band ever again.

Then Joshua James played.  I want to call him Jimmy, just because of the closeness that I now feel with the band.  It just wouldn't be appropriate.  To say that this guy and his band were good would be like saying that Jason Bell is good looking.  A complete and utter (not to be redundant) understatement.  If one hasn't looked this guy up, it would sure be worth it for one to do so.

The first part of the concert, when Libbie performed, everyone was sitting down, not unlike story time in kindergarten.  It seemed so personal and made the experience delightful.  During the second performer--which I disliked, mind--everyone was talking and laughing: you know, just having an H-ing-hell-of-a-time.  Now even though I thought they were terrible, I didn't think it right to be rude and inconsiderate while they were performing.  Someone finally yelled, "SHUT UP!" which put an end to the talking for the rest of the evening...except for one small group of people.

Two guys and two girls were huddled near the back of the room talking the entire time that Josh and his band played.  It amazes me how anyone can be so inconsiderate as were these A-holes.  I yelled at them (kindly) a couple of times to be quiet, but only in vain.  They would not have it.  In their mind, it was rude of everyone else to stare daggers at them and mumble curses under their breath while walking past.  Some of you may think I'm exaggerating slightly, or that I was out of line at the concert, but I'll have you know, I'm not!  These guys would talk louder as the music volume increased, and didn't quiet their voices much during the slow, calm songs.  It is indeed very probable that they ruined Josh's entire performance for me, though listening to him now changes my opinion of him entirely (not that it was a bad opinion--it clearly wasn't).  He's incredible.

During this portion of the concert, some strange looking dude clumsily stumbles past me, clearly struggling, leaves the room and falls on the ground.  I was in a bad mood, and I had the idea in my head that everyone else in the room was inconsiderate and A-holy, ergo this guy was just being dumb--in my mind.  Micah, on the other hand, looks over, gets up and runs out to see if the guy was OK.  He just looked up at Micah and [insert adverb] exlaims, "That's the power of Joshua James!" Indeed!

So it was a pretty fun night.  Now if I could just conjure up the courage, an infinite supply of Diet Dr. Pepper, and 4-times more time than it took to complete my 72-hour Stat 6710 take-home exam, I may use the inspiration and motivation for good and write a song!  Peace.
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