31 January 2009

Terrible Blogger

Two words: I suck at blogging and I'm sorry.  I know I have a very large group of followers and people that come to my blog every day expecting new enlightenment that only I can offer.  I need some stuff to write about.  I'm sure that I can take any suggestions that you might offer and write about something completely different! So write down your suggestions in the comments section.  I'd really appreciate this, even if you normally don't comment (or haven't in at least two months...Kristin....Jalene....etc. etc. etc.).  Oh I added some cool sites over there. Check them out (or at least White Star Photography, CanyonWall and Engrish).  You won't be sorry!  -------------------------------------------------------------->


PS For your viewing pleasure:

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23 January 2009

Thesis Update #3

I know that all of you out there (especially those that navigate to my blog via the google image search "Cool as Ice") are desiring to know what is going on with my thesis.  Guess what? I FINALLY GOT IT BACK!  The return email said,

I've made comments on the attachment.  Look this over thoroughly, and we'll talk about it in tomorrow's meeting.

--Dr. Stevens
Sweet.  So I open up the attachment.  Scanning through quickly, I notice that EVERY page has blood splattered up and down: in the margins, at the top and bottom, and within the text itself.  The disclaimer to the entire thing says this:

I guess the last time I got a document back from him, I kind of freaked out and had to go on a scooter ride and sit on my favorite bench for an hour to calm down.  This time is completely different.  In fact, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Lesson: always expect the worst! 

So I started working on it yesterday around 6:20 a.m.  That's when I got to school yesterday, since for some reason I couldn't sleep past 5.  It was annoying.  Anywho, by the time 8:30 rolled around, I was still going through the minor corrections, and my only thought was: MAN! I REALLY SUCK!  But it's all good.  It's almost done.  I just have 20 pages to go through thoroughly to fix the not so minor corrections, a task that will take me approximately the time it takes to cure and dry a leg of jamon serrano. Update complete.

Since I'm on the subject, I thought I'd share a quick list of things that I'm sick of:
  • Waking up at 5 - today is day 2 in a row.  If it happens again, I'm taking a percocet.
  • The rain/snow/wintry mix/ice everywhere - it's making it real difficult to ride my scooter to campus.  I guess I'll walk today. [Frowns]
  • Falling asleep nearly every time I sit down to read a good book.
  • USU students and faculty (via emails and that damn Facebook group) that are asking people to sign a petition to make it so that the STATE WIDE budget cuts don't affect USU.  How selfish, arrogant and ignorant can they be to think that they should be privileged above the rest of the state and not have to make sacrifices?  We're a part of a community, and as such we are asked to share the load with the state.  Come on people, pull your heads out!  I think I'm going to start my own petition to get the other petition burned. 
Well, now that I'm agitated and sufficiently worked up, I think I'll go to campus.  Remind me to never again make a list of things that I'm sick of.  Suffice it to say, a nice, brisk walk in the rain will be enough to calm me down.  

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20 January 2009


Just felt like updating the world on my thesis situation.  And yes, this will be boring.  

I finally got the whole thing done!...
...well most of it, that is.  I have finished 
  1. Formatting - according to the USU's graduate school's standards.  
  2. Presentation - it looks very nice and appears professional! :)
  3. Style (those of you that know LaTeX will understand)
  4. Appendices
  5. References
  6. Abstract
  7. Cover page
  8. Copyright page (yes, that's right.  YOU can't copy it! Ha!)
  9. etc.
Things I still need to revise are:
  1. Rewrite the whole thing
  2. Rewrite the rewritten whole thing
  3. Revise that revision
  4. etc.
I'm getting closer, folks.  Mayhap you noticed the colorful banner at the top of the screen.  I want to move there.  Somebody in Spain PLEASE HIRE ME!!!  

Actually I just hope to get hired...somewhere.  I threw out a resume to a company called Synteract, Inc. knowing full well that they are looking for an entry-level biostatistician with a Master's degree NOW and not in May...but it doesn't hurt to get it out there, I guess.  Maybe someone will hire me for the mere presence of professionalism and not actually what I know....

So Spain, here we come.  Linz, are ya with me?


PS - Spain looks like this....

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16 January 2009

For Lindsey Loo

As many of you know, I love Apple.  And clearly I'm talking about the company that makes such useful tools as MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, and iPods, and not the actual fruit.  If you took the time to actually get to know me, beyond the superficial (and what a beautiful, flawless surface you may behold...), you would discover quickly that I am quite prejudice against our little red (or green, yellow, etc.) friends known as the apple.  To know learn the reason why will cost ya: either dinner at the ever-tainted McDonald's, or you must spend 1 hour watching me level up in Final Fantasy VII while eating Wendy's and drinking Coke (my treat).  

As I was saying about Apple, they make some pretty useful tools.  One nifty thing that can be done with, say, Mac OS X is that you can take a snap shot by holding command-shift, pressing 4, releasing the keys, pressing the space bar and clicking on the window, the memory of which you would like in snap shot form is saved conveniently on the desktop.  (I realize, of course, that this can also be done on a Windows based machine. But as I despise Windows, Microsoft, and their unfortunate and sly hold they have on our society, I will not mention that it's probably a whole hell of a lot more simple to take such snap shots in Windows, given the appropriate programs are installed and the machine has at least 3 gigabytes of RAM to be able to handle such a process.) By doing this not-so-simple process (may I add that it is nigh impossible to remember the steps you need to undergo in order to take these snap shots, and it's a wonder I can without fail re-figure it out (flawless surface)) you get handy little pictures, like these:

You may notice that I'm logged into Facebook (hereon called fb, due to the lack of respect I have for fb chat) and having a lovely little fb chat conversation with Jal (Mojito).  At this point, or barely before this, I believe fb chat was acting up, causing me to nearly throw my poor little lappy out the window, causing a great hole in the glass.  Due to the severely cold reaction my room's temperature would have had I followed through with this instinct, not to mention the shattered glass everywhere, I overcame the natural man, in this instant only, and left my MacBook in its proper place on my 20-year-old desk.  

Getting to the point, you may also have read the short fb photo conversation (with a magnifying glass) that I had with Lindsey, to whom this blog post is written.  In her retort to my compliment, she issued an assignment to make a copy-me picture smiley face emoticon, but to do this in Bear Lake.  It was 82 degrees where she is calmly standing in ankle deep, warmish water, and she wants me to break ice and stand in below-freezing water to take a copy-me picture smiley face emoticon.  Call me crazy, but...

My feet were instantly numb, and I think I may have cut them as I broke through the ice, yes, ICE, that made up the half-inch thick top layer.  The sharp ice, however, did not break the skin, because the skin was instantly frozen solid (with a probability of 1).  Even now, hours later, sharp, painful jolts of electricity go breezing through my partially frost-bitten feet.  They are not happy with me.  I hope you are, Linz.

Overall, it was a very good experience.  I'd like to thank Micah (and Slav) for driving.  One quarter of the way to our destination, Slav's windshield was still fogged- and iced-over.  Good times.  Smiley face emoticon.

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14 January 2009

Club Hub AKA Machine Gun Time

I was told today by this jerk that I suck at my resolution, and by doing so, she implicitly screamed at me, "YOU SUCK!"  Ouch, friend.  Ouch!  We're fighting.  

But since I was called out on sucking at my resolution, I guess I'll write something new.  I purchased a Scotsman Dog, a corn dog, and a 44 0z. filled to the rim mug of none other than straight up Mountain Dew yesterday as I lazily listed through the TSC.  Choirs sang at the joyous occasion, and so did Seth, as I gave him my corn dog and we sat down in the Hub to eat and shoot the bull $%^ about the tall librarian in church that I wanted to meet, but had no wingman to back me up.  

Let's talk about "wingmen."  A wingman, according to Urban Dictionary is a guy you bring along with you on single outings (like to bars) that helps you out with the women.  The wingman often agrees with his friend and makes him seem popular.  Observe the following dialogue:
Jermaine (to woman at the counter): I'd like a croissant, please.
Bret: Yes that's true.  He would.
Lady: Ok.  Croissant.  Sure.
Bret: He's very popular.
Jermaine: (Clears throat) That's true, I suppose.  You didn't have to say that...
In the above situation, Bret makes Jermaine seem popular.  This is what I needed on Sunday.  A wingman.  So next Sunday, if anyone (man) would like to back me up, be my wingman....

Back to the Hub, me and Seth were talking about...Oh....CRAP!

...the librarian when we saw the Shrivner!  She is such a fantastic person, we wanted to dine with her.  So she came and sat by us and the three of us shot the $%^.  Then the Shrivner, being the Shrivner that she is, came up with the brilliant idea that we should form a club.  "We'll call it 'Club Hub!' "  she said.  Seth's inner-monologue kicked in with a, "No, let's call it Machine Gun Time, instead."  So there it is: Machine Gun Time, every Tuesday/Thursday, 11:30, hub, lunch, shooting the bull and bringing up ways on how to be a confidence man.  Only the ethically malleable need apply.  If you feel you would fit into this rough crowd and that you have the lack of ethics to become a confidence man, and would like to become a pledge, please contact the Shrivner, Derrek or Joder! and one of us would gladly (yet, with hesitation in YOUR case) let you into the club.  Which reminds me, I'm hungry.

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01 January 2009

New Years!

Happy new year, folks!  I hope the holiday was as [fantastic] for you as it was for me.  For my blog resolution, I'm going to try and write more blog posts.  Maybe.  Probably not though.

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