04 November 2011

Day 1

I decided I no longer want to be the owner of an iPhone. The convenience. The comfort. The ability it has given me to sleep through alarms consistently. And don't get me started on productivity productivity productivity productivity.

So I picked up (borrowed from Sarah's mom) a Samsung SGH-A117. It's a wonderful little clam shell phone. For those of you don't remember what that is, think small flip phone with rounded edges. For those of you who don't remember what a flip phone is, get lost, take a hike, etc. It features, well, nothing really. An alarm clock (which I slept through), a calculator, speed dial (though you can't assign a contact to a speed dial), and a world clock. You can text with t9, so it's back to writing sentences such as, "Hey do you want to in to the mother with of i hear its really home." (typos/grammar errors on purpose)

Day 1 thoughts: I'm doing fine. In the short few hours that I've been awake, I've begun to develop a slight twitch, though the Coke Zero seems to suppress that for now. Stay tuned!


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Peeser said...

Good luck with your attempted technological regression. May you boldly withstand any possible symptoms of withdrawl.

(You may want to bury- or smash- your iPhone so you aren't even tempted to go back.)

Have fun!

garrett said...

What you should do is freeze your iPhone in a bowl of ice in the freezer, then when you want it back, you have to wait for it to thaw, then try that trick of putting it in rice to get all the water out to hopefully make it work again. In the time you wait for it to thaw and rice-dry, you'll go back to remembering that sleeping through the alarm of a clam shell phone is much better than sleeping through the iPhone with all of it's lame productivity.

But seriously, the harp sound for alarms is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I don't want to kill people when it lulls me awake.

Leon said...

I quite literally sold my iPhone. So no smashing, burying, etc. The ice idea is good though. Oh, what about putting it in jello?? Then, as I'm eating through pounds of jello to get it back, I really have time to stop and think about going back to that world.

I wonder if I can somehow get a harp ringtone on this...oh yeah, you can't change the alarm sound. Ha!

Robby Spratt said...

Why did you decide to sell your iPhone? I finally decided to get one and I was hoping we could openly stalk each other on Find My Friends. :)

Leon said...

I don't want you stalking me, Robby. ;)

Robby Spratt said...

But seriously, why did you sell it?

Leon said...

Be patient, Robby. :)


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