09 November 2011

Day 6

I gave a blanket one-finger salute as I exited the belt route this morning. I blame it on The Samsung since I couldn't tweet about how horrible the traffic was and I couldn't update my facebook status to say, "That guy next to me is such a jerk. Look at him singing to his music and staying calm in this horrible traffic. I bet GAW would throw something at him."

The other wrong today is the discovery (that actually happened yesterday) that the local 7-Eleven no longer serves #CokeZero on tap. I have nothing to cease the twitches that are now inevitably prevalent.

There were three things yesterday that I wanted to take snap a picture of. Guess what? No camera.

The Samsung has, however, offered me the ability to pay more attention to conversations I'm a part of with coworkers and friends. Even if the topic goes to politics or sports, I have no Twitter or Hanging with Friends to save me. This forces me to actually participate (i.e. daydream) in the conversations. In other words, I don't know how much more of this I can stand. Stay tuned.


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garrett said...

It's very narcissistic of me, but I like when I get mentioned in your posts, even if it is for my penchant for road rage.

From this post, I'm still not sure if you're glad the iPhone is gone or if you miss it terribly. It's probably both. Best of luck to you in reconciling your conflicting emotions.


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